About Us

Our mission is to provide our clients with cost-effective, reliable, and high-quality alternatives to performing work in-house by deploying our experience, expertise, and “own-the-project” commitment, so as to meet or exceed their expectations.


DID YOU KNOW . . . since 1995, Wagner Technical has:

  • Prepared design work orders for more than 60,000 distribution poles
  • Performed more than 40,000 transmission structure inspections
  • Inspected more than 500,000 distribution structures
  • Developed custom software to automate work order creation
  • Developed custom software to interface with our clients’ work management systems




What we are not:

  • We do not perform any live electrical work or actual hands on maintenance of facilities
  • We work strictly in the office or, when out in the field, from the ground and do not climb poles or towers
  • We do not operate bucket trucks or other machinery
  • We do not work with pesticides, paint or other chemicals used in wood or steel preservation
  • We do not supervise construction projects