Software Solutions for Inspection & Design

Wagner Information Systems

A Wagner Technical Services sister company (along with Wagner Energy Services), Wagner Information Systems is our software development division. We have developed and field-tested the NextGrid™ family of applications to expedite several types of inspections and work order preparation. It includes:

NextGrid™ Field Inspector User-Friendly recordkeeping

Allows inspectors of any type of construction to record inspection results and upload photos. Users can create their own inspection templates. Reports are available by project, contractor, inspector, issue type, etc.

NextGrid™ Infrastructure Plant asset inspections made easier

Maintain inspection and repair history of field assets such as transmission lines, distribution lines, substations, etc. The web application allows you input field conditions based on user defined components and defects. Facilities can be mapped using the built-in Bing™ Maps. You can track repair history, asset health, repair due dates, etc. Repairs can be assigned to work orders to simplify updating their completion. Reports can be viewed online or downloaded. 

NextGrid™ Line Designer Smart all-in-one app for work order design

A complete work order design application for electric distribution lines. Users can set up projects, work orders, and locations with construction units. Features include automated sketch detailing and integration, bill of materials, labor estimating, contractor bid package, and materials catalog. The application allows construction units (a.k.a. assembly units or work tasks) to be tailored to meet your construction standards. Once it has been set up (usually in a matter of weeks), it has your stock codes, material descriptions, labor targets, etc. for use in work orders and construction management. We have the expertise to set up and maintain the system. Note: Currently available as a desktop application. Web version under development.