Electric Transmission & Distribution Services


Our Services

We offer a wide range of “on demand” services for our energy utility customers. In a nutshell, we make it easier for our valued customers to enhance and/or expand their design, inspection, assessment, project supervision, work order preparation, CAD design, and reporting capabilities  – all on a timely project-by-project basis – and all with a genuine commitment to meeting or exceeding your expectations. Our basic service menu includes:

  • Design Work Order Packages for Electric Distribution Projects
  • Storm Hardening
  • Gas Distribution Design and Inspection
  • Cable TV and Fiber Make-Ready Design
  • New Services, Overhead and Underground
  • Storm Damage Assessment
  • Underground Residential Distribution (URD) Design & Inspection
  • Electric Transmission Inspection
  • Plant Relocations for State, County, and Municipal Projects
  • Electric Underground and Networks

Major Capital Improvement Projects

Give us the scope for an electric distribution project, whether it is a voltage conversion, new circuit, line relocation, or reliability improvement project, and we will deliver you a work order package ready for construction. Our design will be based on your standards, and we will take care of all permit applications and easements and prepare all necessary drawings. We can work within your work management system or use our own. See the Project Profiles section for examples.

Cable TV and Fiber
Make Ready Design

The demand for faster internet service and smart phones that consume gigabytes of data per month has resulted in requests from cable TV companies and other internet service providers to add fiber and coaxial cables to already crowded pole plants. Wagner Technical Services has performed this unique type of design work since 1996. We understand the need to maintain National Electric Safety Code clearances at all times. We use hi-tech laser measurement tools, as well as traditional fiberglass telescoping measurement sticks. We also have the expertise to recognize overloaded poles and guys and correct them.  Learn more.

Storm Hardening

Our experienced designers can survey your distribution system and spot weaknesses such as deteriorating plant, improper or inadequate guying, under-classed poles, tree conditions, inadequate protection (fusing and reclosers), over-length spans, National Electric Safety Code (NESC) violations, etc. We can also perform ice and wind loading calculations for existing plants based on your company standards. Learn more.

Gas Distribution Design

We prepare work orders and CAD drawings for main extensions, main replacements,  URD, services, and meters, as well as perform as-builts. We work with state and local government to obtain permits, when needed. We can also obtain easements and rights of way, when necessary.

Storm Damage Assessment

Our experienced designers can check electric distribution and transmission circuits and provide valuable, detailed reports of storm damage. They can also provide a list of materials needed to get the line back in service. Learn more.

Underground Residential Distribution (URD)

We start with an AutoCAD drawing from a developer or create our own from scratch. We then design the electric and/or gas distribution system based on your standards. For the electric system, we are experienced in load diversification, transformer sizing and placement, secondary and service sizing, and loop design strategies for maximum reliability. For gas distribution we can perform main and service routing, service sizing, and valve placement. We coordinate our design with other utilities to minimize conflicts and obstructions during construction. Learn more.

Electric Transmission Inspection

We perform ground based visual inspection, ground resistance testing, and stray voltage testing with four wheel drive ATV's. Our inspectors are trained in the latest equipment including the Fluke ScopeMeter for voltage waveform detection, Fluke Multimeter, and Earth Ground Meter. Our inspectors use NextGrid Infrastructure to detect defects, map assets online, and produce reports for state regulatory commissions. Learn more.

New Services, Overhead and Underground

We receive the request for service, meet the customer, determine load requirements, obtain easements if necessary, size the transformer and service wire, design the new service based on your standards, enter the appropriate information and construction units into your work management system (or our own), prepare the drawing, work with your operating department if necessary, and provide you with a ready-to-build new service order.

Electric Underground and Networks

Our experience includes underground networks and large substation exits in major cities such as Stamford Connecticut.

Plant Relocation for State, County and Municipal Projects

We are experienced in working with state, county, and municipal governments, their engineering staff, and contractors.  We will meet with the appropriate people and agree on a design strategy that works for all parties, then deliver a work order package that is ready for construction.

Additional Products & Services


Easement and Right of Way Acquisition

If you only need to acquire easements and rights-of-way, we can help. See our Project Profile from a recent project.

Accounting Close Outs and Plant Accounting Help

If you have a backlog of projects that need to be closed out, our experienced designers can provide a detailed-as-built print or make field verifications of newly installed plant.  Learn more.