Project Profiles

Wagner Technical Services serves the electric and communications industries by providing design work order preparation, drafting, estimating, and inspection services. The following project summaries delineate our diverse capabilities and proven ability to reliably meet our clients’ needs:


System Wide Distribution Improvement

Seeking to improve service reliability, a utility wanted to begin a large scale distribution improvement program. Lacking adequate in-house resources to prepare work orders on schedule, they contracted Wagner Technical to perform the work. Projects included reconductoring, recloser installation, conversions, and switch installations. Learn more.

BENEFIT: The five-year program was a success, and the utility effectively met its construction goals. 

Fiber Cable Make Ready

A large electric utility with several cable and phone providers in its service territory was experiencing difficulty keeping pace with many multi-year fiber expansion projects. The state regulatory commission had imposed new deadlines for performing make ready design and construction work and their internal staff could not keep up with the demanding schedule.  Learn more.

BENEFIT: The utility continues to successfully complete fiber expansion projects on time with minimal impact on its internal staff.

Large Scale Distribution Voltage Conversion

A large electric utility was eliminating a medium-sized 4.8kV substation and resupplying the area with new circuits from an existing 13.8kV substation. Wagner Technical assigned four technicians to the job which involved reconductoring, new switchgear, transformer replacement, and over 800 poles. The client's engineering department provided us with one-line diagrams and standards. Learn more.

BENEFIT: We completed the work order packages for the construction crews in time to meet our client’s construction schedule.


Storm Damage Assessment

After a major storm, our client was faced with outages across their system. They hired Wagner Technical Services to help in assessing the storm damage. Since our technicians are experienced in design, they were able to recognize problems, create material lists and detailed descriptions of what caused the outage so that line crews could later go to the area with the proper equipment to restore power to their customers.

BENEFIT: We enabled our client to restore service more quickly.


Storm Hardening

A client’s outage history by circuit revealed that a number of distribution circuits were particularly vulnerable to storms. They asked Wagner Technical to evaluate the circuits and design a rebuild with storm hardening in mind.  We began with a detailed field analysis.  Among the issues we discovered were inadequate fuse and recloser protection, over length spans, under classed poles, inadequate guying, tree conditions, inadequate lightning protection, many defective poles and generally outdated plant.  We redesigned the lines and prepared work orders and drawings to rebuild the circuits to current standards resulting in greatly improved reliability.

BENEFIT: A substantially more resilient system.


Electric Transmission Inspection

A customer wanted their electric transmission system inspected but did not want to tie up qualified lineman to perform the inspection, stray voltage testing, and ground resistance testing. Wagner Technical was hired to inspect their system on a five-year cycle using the NextGrid Infrastructure.  We provided online defect reports based on severity, reports for the New York State Public Service Commission and repair status tracking. Learn more.

BENEFIT: Enhanced system maintenance and performance with no additional staff.

Stray Voltage Data Management

A New York based utility wanted to implement a stray voltage testing program to comply with new public service commission regulations. They were under a tight deadline and there was no commercial solution available. Wagner Technical worked with our sister company Wagner Information Systems to develop a custom software package using mobile devices to collect inspection data and GPS coordinates. We then managed the data and provided the utility with reports and mapping to satisfy their internal requirements as well as the public service commission’s reporting requirements. 

BENEFIT: Compliance achieved via a customized software solution.


Underground Network Rebuild

A rapidly expanding downtown area was taxing our client’s underground electrical network so they hired Wagner Technical Services to design a new network to meet the demand. At the same time the city was updating their infrastructure. We worked with city engineers and engineering staff from other utilities to help completely rebuild the city’s infrastructure. 

BENEFIT: This major rebuilding project was completed as budgeted and scheduled.


URD (Underground Residential Distribution)

A utility was facing a sudden increase in new business and had several underground subdivisions in need of immediate layout and work order preparation. Wagner Technical met with the utility and the developers of the subdivision and created the layouts using AutoCAD and the work orders in the utility’s own work management system. Learn more.

BENEFIT: Customer was able to smoothly accommodate this spike to their workflow. In turn, their customers were better served.


Outage Reporting

Due to Hurricane Sandy, a utility company needed assistance in reporting customer electric system outages and their duration for a government required report. Our technicians were able to assist the utility by utilizing their mapping and outage management computer systems. Learn more.

BENEFIT: Regulatory compliance was achieved by deadline.


Underground Reconductoring of Large Industrial Park

An industrial utility park was suffering from frequent outages on a 30-year-old underground direct-buried distribution system. Using design criteria provided by the utility's engineering department, Wagner Technical designed a new duct bank system and prepared all the work orders for the project. 

BENEFIT: Reliability in the industrial park was vastly improved.


Gas Main and Service Inspection

A client was expanding its natural gas distribution system at a rapid pace. They had a large number of contractors installing new mains and services and did not have adequate inspectors to assure the new plant was being built to their standards and tests were being properly performed. Our sister company Wagner Energy Services provided inspectors and also utilized the NextGrid Field Inspector application for online reporting and issue tracking.

BENEFIT: We provided the inspection personnel as needed, thus ensuring the integrity of the new facilities.


Accounting Close Out

A client’s plant accounting department was facing a large backlog of capital improvement projects in need of closing. They hired Wagner Technical Services to do as-built drawings and work orders. We also helped resolved discrepancies between the construction bill of materials and what was actually charged to the job. Learn more.

BENEFIT: Plant was capitalized quickly and the client achieved Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.


Turnkey Pole Replacement Project

A large New Jersey utility received a grant to replace hundreds of defective poles. Their design and construction staff already had a backlog of projects and could not perform the work. They were looking for a turnkey design-and-build solution. Wagner Technical Services partnered with a large line contractor to provide the designs for 750 poles. We did the field survey of all the poles, prepared the drawings, and used our in-house work management system for job instructions and bills of material. We also provided material forecasting so that everything needed could be ordered in time for construction. Learn more.

BENEFIT:  Enhancements to their distribution system were realized within the timeframe required by the grant.


Right of Way Acquisition

Our client was preparing to begin construction on a six-mile, eight-inch, 120 psi steel main. After the design was completed, they learned of a potential road widening. To avoid the possibility of relocating the pipeline at their expense, they hired Wagner Technical Services to obtain right of way along the road so that the new gas main would not obstruct a future widening. 

BENEFIT: Avoided substantial pipeline relocation costs without any impact on staff.


Trench Inspection

A surge in new gas service installations had our client worried about the quality of trenches dug and backfilled by contractors. Since the utility’s personnel were not on site to witness digging and backfilling of the trench, they hired our sister company, Wagner Energy Services, to perform trench inspections.  Based on their standards, we verified trench depth, placement, and clearances of all utilities, tracer wire installation, proper sand padding material, and warning tape installation, while ensuring acceptable backfill was used. 

BENEFIT: Our onsite oversight safeguarded the utility’s investment and reduced future outages.