Project Profile: Turnkey Pole Replacement

Project Scope:

A New Jersey based contractor was hired by a utility company to provide turnkey pole replacements on a large scale. They needed a design company that could quickly produce work order drawings and bills of material so that they could begin construction on a large-scale pole replacement program. They hired Wagner Technical Services because of our experience and in-house work management system.

Wagner Technical’s Approach to the Project:

Wagner Technical was provided with access to the client’s construction standards and locations of poles to be replaced. With our experience working with many utilities in the region, we were able to create construction units from the utility’s standards and begin producing work orders with bills of materials, including utility stock codes from our NextGrid Line Designer software, within three weeks. We worked closely with utility engineers, who clarified questions about their standards. They also provided us with standard drawing nomenclature, so that our drawings would be compliant with their standards.

While the work management system was being set up, filed forces began surveying poles to be replaced. They collected photos, field notes, and GPS coordinates for each pole. From that information, designers were able to create work orders from our work management system. Each pole had a separate one page work order. The work order had a utility compliant drawing and photograph of the pole on the front of the page and the bill of materials on the back.

From our NextGrid Line Designer work management system, we were able to provide long range material forecasts and requests. Special reports were available for long lead time items.


Wagner Technical delivered the pole replacement designs in time to allow the contractor to complete the work within the utility’s timeframe. Since the project was on schedule and the utility had advance forecasts of labor and material costs, they were able to determine that there were additional funds in the budget and award us more work in time to prevent losing the additional funds.

See Sample Work Order | See Sample Bill of Materials