Project Profile: URD (Underground Residential Distribution)

A local utility needed to provide gas and electric service to a large new subdivision. Wagner Technical was hired to design the project in time to meet a tight deadline.

Preliminary Planning:

Wagner Technical met with the developer to discuss the subdivision and service requirements

The developer provided us with AutoCAD drawings of the proposed site plan. 

We were then given a load estimate from the developer for both the gas and electric to be provided for each individual building and/or apartment. 

We prepared a drawing of the proposed electric primary and gas main routing.

We determined optimal service locations and equipment placement (transformers, secondary wire, meters, etc.). Then, we met with the developer and utility engineer to finalize the design.


Wagner Technical sized the transformers according to the load calculations and voltage drop charts.

We also calculated gas main and service sizes based on utility provided standards.

A problem arose when the developer relocated the drainage. This caused a conflict with the electric and gas layout. We met with the developer and redesigned the electric and gas layout to accommodate the drainage system.

We then supplied the customer with road crossing locations, conduit size requirements, trench specifications, digging information, and total trench footage. 

We prepared easements to be signed by the appropriate property owners.

We were familiar with permit requirements in the area and prepared the proper state and county permit applications.

We worked with the other utilities in the area, such as phone and cable TV, to ensure that all companies were in agreement with the job layout.

Cost Estimate:

Wagner entered the equipment and labor for the job into our NextGrid work management system, then uploaded the data into the utility’s work management system. This provided an estimate for the job.

We provided the utility with a work order package that included AutoCAD drawings, bill of materials, cost estimate, signed and notarized (by us) easements, and permit applications. From there, the job was released to construction.


Wagner Technical Services took charge of the URD project through the entire design process. We met with all necessary parties and had the experience to handle all aspects of the design, including layout, equipment selection, permitting, and coordination with other utilities and the developer.

See Sample Drawing - Electric | See Sample Drawing - Gas